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Dear Friends of Swiss Singing and Yodeling


Dear All who were excited and planning to participate in Swissfest 2020


First, I hope you are all well and healthy!


The festival executive committee met recently to discuss the future of Swissfest 2020.

Sadly, we have had to come to the decision that we have to cancel our June dates for the event.  The predicted evolution of the COVID19 crisis and existing government restrictions to combat the disease make it impossible for us to have the festival as originally scheduled due to forces beyond our control. Also sadly, I think this will probably not come as a surprise to anyone that has been following the development of this crisis!


While we know that we have to cancel for June, as you might imagine the festival committee has also been discussing various scenarios dealing with possible postponement of the festival.  At this time however, the festival committee’s conclusion is that it’s premature to start seriously considering alternatives.  The situation is just too uncertain and unstable right now, and we also have to consider the changed economic circumstances many of us will be in once the crisis passes!   Once things stabilize, we may be able to reconsider that, and will of course keep you posted of any developments.  Right now our first focus will be to bring our planned June operations to an orderly close.


Well, I never thought I would have to send a message like this.  But here we are.   This is of course all very sad and devastating, because of all the time we have invested over the past 3 years, but with the COVID19 crisis as it is, it just cannot be helped.


I’m sure we all agree this is truly an unprecedented situation, and we would appreciate any feedback or guidance you may have on how to best proceed!


Singers greetings to all of you, and take care,


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USSSP 2020 Festival President Mirjam Stadelmann
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